When Holidays Are Over, Organization Begins!

This is the most wonderful time of the year! Cooler weather, holiday decorations, family, food – we can’t say enough how much we truly love this season. However, it is also the time of year when things (decorations, wrapping paper, gift tags, etc…) get accumulated beyond belief. At Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets, we know that these things don’t have places in your non-holiday lives, but where do you put them when the season is over?

Techline has taken some tips from Better Homes and Gardens and has applied them to our holiday decorations. Now we share them with you!

  • Holiday Ornaments. Store similarly shaped ornaments, such as glittery orbs, in boxes with compartments. Wrap each ornament in tissue paper and fit it inside its own compartment; if an ornament is a lot smaller than the compartment, pad it with small pieces of bubble wrap so it won’t be jostled in storage. When you’re finished putting all the ornaments in their box, make a list on the outside of the box so you know what ornaments it holds for next year.
  • Holiday Wreaths. Wreaths made from faux fir or pine can easily be stored in hat boxes or hung up in the back of a closet. If you prefer to hang your holiday wreaths, attach each wreath to a wire hanger using florist‘s wire or twist ties, and cover the wreath and hanger in plastic to protect the wreath from dust. Hang in the back of a closet, the basement, or the attic, and simply unwrap the wreath next year to display.
  • Christmas Tree Lights. There are several handy ways to store Christmas tree lights so they remain untangled for the following year. When taking the lights down, be sure to wrap around your arm so they remain untangled, and store them in a plastic container, using clips or wire to hold a circular shape so the lights stay neat and organized for next year.
  • Mantel Displays. It’s important when storing decorations from a multiple-part display that you keep the parts together for easy reassembly next year. Wrap each component in bubble wrap or tissue paper and store neatly in a box. If you used fresh pine or fir sprigs for a mantel display, make a note of that on the box so you’ll be able to recreate the same display year after year.
  • Dining Table Set. Keep everything from your fine Christmas china to the napkins, centerpieces, and place cards all in one place. If you have a hutch to store special dishes in, stack them according to size. Fold cloth napkins and store in the same place, or keep packages of paper holiday napkins in a nearby drawer with the holiday place cards and silverware. If the Christmas table centerpieces are made from materials that can be used year after year, dismantle and keep in a separate box, making sure to label it and store in a place where you’ll easily find it next year.

Organization doesn’t have to be a stressful time for you! And if you find you’re running out of storage room, give Techline a call for help!

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Holiday (Media) Entertainment

Family is coming and though you spend most of your time in the kitchen, Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets knows you spend plenty of time in front of you television watching the games! And if guests are coming to YOUR place, you need a pretty spectacular media center!

Entertaining at home is more enjoyable when everything is in its place. Media gear gets organized in great-looking custom cabinets that compliment your home furnishings. Complete with DVD and CD storage, cable management to keep wires out of sight, shelves to showcase photos and valuables, and glass storage cabinets to display electronic devices, a Techline designed entertainment center can transform an ordinary living room into your family’s favorite gathering space.

At Techline furniture, our design experts can help you design the cabinetry that will optimize your space as well as all the gadgets that the tech savvy person might have.  The versatility of our entertainment centers can not only organize current devices, but also allow for changes in technology for those who need to have the latest and greatest technology.  And don’t worry, when Monday night football comes on, these cabinets are designed to showcase your entertainment center to its best advantage.

Not only can our entertainment cabinetry create an organized space at home, we can create entertainment spaces for businesses to use on location or at trade shows to present valuable information.  Our lightweight designs can ease moving and set up for mobile locations as well.

Visit our showroom at 3801 West Freeway Fort Worth, TX 76107 or website http://www.techline-dfw.com/ to begin building and organizing your new technology today.

De-Stress this Holiday Season

Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets will be the first to say it: the holidays are stressful.

With the cleaning, cooking, entertaining…it can take a toll on you and your home. But it shouldn’t! If you keep your home organized, not only will it make things simpler when your guests arrive, but for YOUR well being!

Benefits of Organization:

  • More YOU time. This one’s simple. If you’re house is organized and uncluttered, you’ll spend less time cleaning, tidying and putting things back in their place. You’ll get to spend more time on the things you want to do.
  • More money. In an organized home, you won’t lose things. Those missing socks won’t need to be replaced. You’ll know exactly how much toilet paper is left, and when it’s time to buy some more. You’ll be able to see what your home has, what your home needs, and what needs replacing. You’ll be able to take an easy stock of your home, and plan your purchases accordingly.
  • Improved family relationships. All too often, clutter, misplaced items, and disorganization bring up quarrels between spouses, as well as parents and their children. Getting organized will eliminated this problem-causer.
  • Easy access. When your home is organized, everything will have a specific place. Each item will be easy to find, access and use quickly. It’s a time-saver!
  • Entertaining. If your home is disorganized and you’d like to throw a party, dinner or other get together, you’ll need days of notice, so you can spend hours and hours of cleaning, organizing and readying your house. Wouldn’t you like to be able to have friends over spur of the moment, with no planning ahead needed? Organization allows you this luxury. Your home is ready to be shown off!
  • Setting a great example for your children. Raising your children in an organized home will give them great skills to carry on through their lives. They’ll take the organizational examples you set and carry them on into their schoolwork, career and future families.
  • Better mental health. Simply put, you’ll be less stressed, and you’ll be happier. Without a messy home on the mind, you’re free to focus on the things that really matter!

Don’t let disorganization hurt you – Organization can lead to some great things in your life!

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Make Room for Your Holiday Guests!

For some of us, the holidays can be a time of stress – all of those people coming to your home! And where are you going to put them? If your guest room acting as an office, now, with Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closetswall beds,  you don’t have to sacrifice storage and floor space and DO have a room for guests!

Wall beds are an easy, fun way to open up any room. Simply keep the bed out up during the day so you have plenty of room for an office, workout room, or hobby area! When it comes time to sleep, the bed easily comes down and is ready for use! Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closet’s beds are oh-so-comfortable and with dozens of finishes and door styles we can design one that perfectly fits your décor. See how we do wall beds and pick a style that works for you!

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When Holiday Cheer is Larger Than Your Home, Decorate for Small Spaces

The Holidays are here! At Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets, we LOVE getting our homes ready for trees, decorations, baked goods, and those random holiday kick-knacks. But sometimes, our holiday spirit is slightly larger than our homes. If you’re dealing with a smaller space, you do NOT have to sacrifice holiday decorations! Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets and Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to turn every nook and cranny into holiday cheer!

  • Use Space by the Stairs. A small table by the stairs is a prominent small-space spot to start your Christmas merriment. Add a little, lightly decorated tree and a modest display to the tabletop. To give the evergreen a bit of height, place in a tall silver vase.
  • Use Wall Space. That lovely solid-color wall in your living room? The perfect home for a holiday display. Chose a variety of accents — faux birds, small ornaments, sprigs of berries — and glue them onto the wreaths before hanging the displays from a length of ribbon.
  • Utilize Vertical Space. If space is limited, you might not be able to hang every ornament you own on a tree, but there’s no reason to keep the leftovers boxed up. Look for unexpected places — from a chandelier, at a window, over a doorway — to dangle a few for sparkle and cheer.
  • Fill a Corner. Nooks, crannies, shelves, bookcases: All are great spots for diminutive seasonal decor. If there’s no space for a full tree, put a single dwarf version — with a few presents — on a midheight shelf. In place of lights, decorate with small-scale ornaments.
  • Add a Tree in a Bathroom. Don’t overlook bathrooms as places to add some merry touches. Here, a small corner offers a great spot for a potted tree decorated with cream and blue ceramic bells and glass balls.

And when in need of storage solutions for the things you replaced with decorations, let Techline help! For more information about products and services, check out our Facebook page!

Create Your Dream Master Closet

Let’s face it, your master closet is so much more than a place to hold clothes and shoes. Master closets end up being a store-all space that holds accessories, storage, old keepsakes and new trends. So why keep it in total chaos? Save those precious morning minutes by reorganizing your Master closet!

It can be as simple as a a quick organization or as complex as an entire re-do! But no matter which you choose, plan your space to maximize the space to accommodate your wardrobe and storage needs.

  • Utilize that wall space. Closets are so much more than a metal rod stretching from one end to the other. By using a combination of hanging space, open shelves, and drawers, you create a more elegant feel (and a proper place to tuck away those intimates or ugly socks).
  • Don’t just throw everything you own on a hanger and then on the rod. Take the time to separate jackets from shirts, jeans from dresses. Not only will it make your mornings easier, you’ll find that you have more room for maybe one more skirt or one more pair of slacks.
  • Use pull out baskets. You can fit a ton more socks in one container, fold shirts, ties, pants, etc and save on hanging room! Have a child? These are perfect for clothes or toys more in reach.
  • Plan ahead. Decide how you want your personal closet to feel. Want something softer? Use rounded edges. Use your closet as storage? Use corner shelves that maximize storage without sacrificing hanging space.

Whether you are looking for something extravagant or simply functional, Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets‘ closet designers are knowledgeable and creative. For more tips about organization and Techline‘s products and services, check out our Facebook page!

An Effort to Go Green

Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets knows the importance of helping the environment. In that sense, we have joined the effort to “Go Green.”

All Techline panels are made of industrial grade particleboard, finished in melamine and part of Techline EcoElements. The core is made of 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber. We offer you the choice between:

  • Standard Panels that contain 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber
  • Plus Panels that contain 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber and have no added urea formaldehyde

The composite wood panels used in manufacturing ORG products are Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) Certified by the Composite Panel Association (CPA), the only environmental certification program that has achieved ANSI accreditation.

In addition, the particleboard sheets used in manufacturing Techline products are certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) a leading environmental certifying agency in North America. Also included in the EcoElements line are a number of Techline accessories that are powder-coated—a low impact manufacturing process that is better for the environment than more common alternatives.

Good Intentions

How can Techline make you a more intentional consumer? When you’ve tidied your home with ORG solutions, it’s easy to see what you need—and what you already have. At a glance, you can inventory your garage, your pantry and your closet. If you’ve stuffed one too many sweaters on your shelves, you know it might be time to donate a few to charity.

Long Lifespan

Life at Techline is always changing. We suspect it’s the same at your house. To ensure our products have a long lifespan, we make them super sturdy, almost endlessly versatile, and highly reconfigurable. So when your child graduates from stuffed animals to cell phones, you won’t have to start from scratch. You can rearrange, relocate or repurpose your Techline product—but you won’t have to replace it

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Techline Furniture, Cabinetry & Closets Hosts A Unique 20th Anniversary Open House Event


Techline Furniture, Cabinetry & Closets celebrates its 20th anniversary with a unique and exciting open house event that showcases 13 local businesses that will “move in” to one of the numerous showroom areas. This open house event will be held on Thursday, November 10, 2011 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. complete with entertainment, food and wine, shopping, and networking with other Fort Worth businesses. The event will be held at Techline’s showroom located at 3801 West Freeway in Fort Worth. (On the south side access road of I-30, in between Hulen Street and Montgomery Street.)

These businesses that are setting up shop into a relevant design space, will display how Techline can offer a custom design solution for any area of your house and business, from elaborate master closets and pantries to commercial workstations and business offices. Techline offers design consultation, space planning, delivery, product move and re-install services throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex for residential and commercial clients.

Admission is free and is open to the public, however attendees are encouraged to bring canned goods to support the Tarrant Area Food Bank as they prepare for a busy holiday season feeding those in need. There will be many gift giveaways from each of the local businesses participating. Anyone who attends gets one entry into the prize giveaway. Those that bring canned goods get two chances to win prizes!

Carol K. Courter, president and co-founder of Techline says, “We wanted to create a fun and memorable event that not only demonstrates our capabilities, but supports other local businesses and gives back to the Fort Worth community who have supported us for 20 years!”

Active Spine & Sport Therapy will be moving into a commercial medical or business office space within Techline’s showroom providing consultation services and treatment options. A-Ward Custom Installations will be moving into a custom garage storage solution space discussing kitchen, bathroom and flooring solutions. Cookie Lee Independent Jewelry Consultant, Chrissy Green will be moving into a master closet displaying gorgeous items for sale. DFW Flowers will be moving into a custom designed craft center and providing many gorgeous arrangements available for purchase. Fort Worth Catering will be moving into a commercial workstation area and providing the tasty hors d’oeuvres for the evening. Halo Salon & Color Lab will be moving into another commercial workstation providing makeup services, analyzing hair and scalp with a capilliscope, and recommending various Phyto hair care products available for purchase. Entertainment will be provided by More Than Just Dance DJ.

MPulsive Fashions by Melissa Nickelson will move into one of the amazing custom master closets showcasing beautiful fashions available for purchase. Red Jett Sweets mobile cupcakery will be displayed outside in the parking lot serving up delicious cupcakes. Roy Pope Grocery will be moving food items into the custom pantry area and is serving wine samples. State Farm Insurance Agents Kim Mader-Bagley and Craig Bagley will be moving into a commercial business office to answer questions about insurance policies. Tarrant Area Food Bank will be onsite collecting canned goods and discussing their community services. Wright At Home will be moving into a custom bedroom furniture and wall bed space providing beautiful home decor and bedding available for purchase. And of course, Techline’s sales team will be available to discuss residential and commercial design solutions.

About The Local Businesses Participating In The Event:

Active Spine & Sport Therapy is a progressive physical medicine and sports therapy center that treats musculoskeletal injuries from the feet to the head. Emphasizing individualized, rapid treatments to keep patients doing what they love, combined with detailed patient education to teach them to take care of themselves. For more information, call 817-332-5353 or visit http://www.activespineandsport.com.

A-Ward Custom Installations is a family-owned service business serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for over 30 years with a reputation for quality work and dependability. A-Ward transforms and beautifies floor areas with installation of ceramic tile, natural stone, such as travertine, marble, slate or granite, and hardwood floors. A-Ward installs kitchen and bathroom countertops, decorative backsplashes, and shower and bathtub surrounds complete with plumbing and new fixtures. For more information, call 817-654-0081 or visit http://www.awardcustominstallations.com.

Cookie Lee Independent Consultant, Chrissy Green offers a wide variety of affordable, fun and fashionable jewelry. Cookie Lee jewelry is delivered directly to customers through shows, fundraisers and personal shopping and is sold exclusively by independent Consultants throughout the United States. With over 150 pieces of jewelry under $25 this season, they have something for everyone! For more information, call Chrissy at 817-675-7004, email cgreencookie@peoplepc.com, or view the corporate website http://www.cookielee.com.

DFW Flowers has been providing flower and gift delivery to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex since 1971. DFWFlowers.com can create gorgeous flower arrangements for any occasion, offering a large variety of fresh flowers, plants and gifts. Specializing in weddings, corporate events and funerals, DFW Flowers’ team of artists delivers outstanding floral presentations. Stop by their two locations to place your order, call or enjoy the convenience of safe and secure ordering online 24 hours a day. Their goal is to exceed their customers’ expectations with quality, value and professional service. For more information, call 817-624-8413 or visit http://www.dfwflowers.com.

Fort Worth Catering is a family owned, full-service custom caterer and has been catering corporate and private events in the metroplex for over 28 years. Besides winning several industry awards for excellence, Fort Worth Catering has established a metroplex-wide reputation for quality food and innovative presentation. They have the experience and the capacity to handle any type or size event — from an intimate wedding reception, a company training seminar, a casino-themed school reunion, or a company grand opening! For more information, call 817-714-0383 or visit http://www.fortworthcatering.com.

Halo Salon & Color Lab is a progressive salon located in Fort Worth in the upscale The Village at Camp Bowie. Halo offers relaxing treatment experiences, beautiful color services, precision cuts and gorgeous finishes, hair extensions, and High Definition Airbrush Makeup, all performed by specialists, highly trained in their area of concentration. For more information, call 817-737-4256 or visit http://www.halocolorlab.com.

More Than Just Dance DJ provides music and dance lessons for company functions, graduation celebrations, weddings, divorce parties, private parties, youth events, kick off events, birthdays, anniversary parties, and grand openings. For more information, call 817-542-5741 or visit http://sites.google.com/site/morethanjustdancedj.

MPulsive is a high end fashion boutique by Melissa Nickelson providing a personal, one-on-one private shopping experience by appointment only. For more information, call 817-732-5267 or visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/MPulsive/165713603490852.

Red Jett Sweets is a Mobile Cupcakery. Their sweet red cupcake truck is roaming the neighborhoods of Fort Worth loaded with oh-so-delicious cupcakes. It’s easy to find their current location and track their comings and goings via Twitter and Facebook! For more information, call 817-733-6422 or visit http://www.redjettsweets.com.

Roy Pope Grocery serves their customers only the finest quality of products, providing the friendliest, fastest service, with no waiting. An asset to their neighborhood community that they have been serving for over 68 years. “We still do it right, the old-fashioned way.” For more information, call 817-732-2863 or visit http://www.roypopegrocery.com.

State Farm Insurance Agents Kim Mader-Bagley and Craig Bagley is a second generation agency providing insurance and financial services for everything that’s important in your life. At the Mader-Bagley Insurance Agency, they spend time getting to know their clients so they can ensure their clients have the right amount of protection at the right cost. The agents provide personal and friendly service for everything that’s important in your life! For more information, call 817-594-0241 or visit http://www.mader-bagley.com.

Tarrant Area Food Bank is a private 501(c)(3) not-for-profit serving Tarrant and 12 neighboring counties on the west side of the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) metropolitan area. Tarrant Area Food Bank is the distribution hub of a 13-county network of hunger-relief charities and social services centers. As a central clearinghouse for donated food and groceries, the Food Bank receives fresh, frozen and nonperishable food donated by the food industry and the community. They distribute this product from their 69,000 square-foot warehouse in Fort Worth to their 300 partner agencies that serve abuse victims, children, the elderly, the chronically ill, the unemployed, the working poor, the homeless and other Texans in need. For more information, call 817-332-9177 or visit http://www.tafb.org.

Wright At Home is a unique fine gifts and home furnishings store located at 4818 Camp Bowie Blvd. Visit their shop to find unique home accessories, antiques, tableware, clocks, home fragrance, furniture, and fine bedding. Visit their new store called WRARE for a unique assortment of exclusive cards, gifts and home decor, located at 2955 Crockett Street. For more information, call 817-989-8222 or visit them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/WrightAtHomeFortWorth.

Kids Cleanup for Years to Come

Children are always evolving, growing, and changing their tastes. One minute dinosaurs are all the rage, the next it’s zebras. But one thing that will always be consistent is the skills they will learn about organization that will stay with them throughout the years.

If you want your children to learn organization skills early, it helps to give them easy ways to do it. Things like multiple hanging heights with added shelves, drawers and baskets will accommodate diapers to denim!

Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets and Style At Home can show you how:

  • Use low shelving and labelled storage bins for all their toys and crafts.
  • Under-the-bed storage drawers (especially those with wheels) are great for out-of-season clothes or treasured school/art papers.
  • Don’t forget the valuable space behind doors, including the inside of the closet door. Using the backside of a door is a great way to store additional items while getting them out of sight.
  • Shelf units designed for the pantry can work in the bedroom as a home for games and books.
  • Multi-level closet rods are the only way to go in a child’s closet. You can empower your child to have more autonomy by giving him or her access to their own clothing.

From infant to teen, Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closet’s closet designers will maximize their closet space with an adjustable system that can change with them. For more information about Techline’s products and services, LIKE our Facebook page!

Organize Your Laundry Room!

One very important room in your home you may not think too much about offhand is your laundry room! It could be the smallest room in your house, but it holds A LOT of importance! So why neglect it when organizing and planning your projects?

Laundry rooms hold a variety of objects such as hats, gloves, not-in-season accessories, pet supplies, cleaning supplies, etc. The first step to organizing all of these is to clear the space and then group all like items together. You can step back and take a look at the items you use more than others. Those things that you never use anymore…throw them out! Items you most should be in the easy-to-reach places while items you still use, but not as much can be put on the higher shelves.

Use storage baskets and pull-out hampers for sorting, cabinets and adjustable storage shelves for organizing, storage racks and rods for hanging clothes, and fold out ironing boards for convenience.

Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets designers create organized systems to accommodate any space, any size washer and dryer, and any size family with style. A Techline laundry storage system can handle loads!

For more information about Techline’s products and services, see our Facebook page!