Holiday (Media) Entertainment

Family is coming and though you spend most of your time in the kitchen, Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets knows you spend plenty of time in front of you television watching the games! And if guests are coming to YOUR place, you need a pretty spectacular media center!

Entertaining at home is more enjoyable when everything is in its place. Media gear gets organized in great-looking custom cabinets that compliment your home furnishings. Complete with DVD and CD storage, cable management to keep wires out of sight, shelves to showcase photos and valuables, and glass storage cabinets to display electronic devices, a Techline designed entertainment center can transform an ordinary living room into your family’s favorite gathering space.

At Techline furniture, our design experts can help you design the cabinetry that will optimize your space as well as all the gadgets that the tech savvy person might have.  The versatility of our entertainment centers can not only organize current devices, but also allow for changes in technology for those who need to have the latest and greatest technology.  And don’t worry, when Monday night football comes on, these cabinets are designed to showcase your entertainment center to its best advantage.

Not only can our entertainment cabinetry create an organized space at home, we can create entertainment spaces for businesses to use on location or at trade shows to present valuable information.  Our lightweight designs can ease moving and set up for mobile locations as well.

Visit our showroom at 3801 West Freeway Fort Worth, TX 76107 or website to begin building and organizing your new technology today.


De-Stress this Holiday Season

Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets will be the first to say it: the holidays are stressful.

With the cleaning, cooking, entertaining…it can take a toll on you and your home. But it shouldn’t! If you keep your home organized, not only will it make things simpler when your guests arrive, but for YOUR well being!

Benefits of Organization:

  • More YOU time. This one’s simple. If you’re house is organized and uncluttered, you’ll spend less time cleaning, tidying and putting things back in their place. You’ll get to spend more time on the things you want to do.
  • More money. In an organized home, you won’t lose things. Those missing socks won’t need to be replaced. You’ll know exactly how much toilet paper is left, and when it’s time to buy some more. You’ll be able to see what your home has, what your home needs, and what needs replacing. You’ll be able to take an easy stock of your home, and plan your purchases accordingly.
  • Improved family relationships. All too often, clutter, misplaced items, and disorganization bring up quarrels between spouses, as well as parents and their children. Getting organized will eliminated this problem-causer.
  • Easy access. When your home is organized, everything will have a specific place. Each item will be easy to find, access and use quickly. It’s a time-saver!
  • Entertaining. If your home is disorganized and you’d like to throw a party, dinner or other get together, you’ll need days of notice, so you can spend hours and hours of cleaning, organizing and readying your house. Wouldn’t you like to be able to have friends over spur of the moment, with no planning ahead needed? Organization allows you this luxury. Your home is ready to be shown off!
  • Setting a great example for your children. Raising your children in an organized home will give them great skills to carry on through their lives. They’ll take the organizational examples you set and carry them on into their schoolwork, career and future families.
  • Better mental health. Simply put, you’ll be less stressed, and you’ll be happier. Without a messy home on the mind, you’re free to focus on the things that really matter!

Don’t let disorganization hurt you – Organization can lead to some great things in your life!

Need help getting started on your home organization? Look through our online showroom at to learn more about our organizational furniture, cabinet, closets and more! For tips, check out our Facebook page!

Bathrooms Galore!

Like any room in your house, your bathroom should be spectacular and comfortable. It is a room you spend a lot of time in, so why not make it just as amazing as the rest of your home?!

Whether you’re starting a bathroom from scratch or just giving your existing one a makeover, remember these simple tips:

  • Clean out. Products, expired medicine/vitamins, used razors and beauty items you haven’t used in 6 months, throw it out! See what you have, don’t have, and what you use the most so you can start fresh.
  • Organize. Small bathrooms are huge and some small, but they ALL could use some extra storage space for those random items you can’t live without. Organize items by importance – the things you use most, keep on the counter or close by; things you rarely use can go in drawers and closets. The less important the item, the further away from the counter it should be.
  • Make use of that dead space. That space can be filled with floating shelves, cabinets, wall mounts, etc. Don’t want to buy jewelry stands? Use your towel rack to display it all!
  • Be yourself! Add those quirky things that make you you. You’ll be spending the most time in there, so make it a place you WANT to be!

Techline cabinets make any bath extraordinary! Our cabinetry is commercial-grade, precision made and designed to last as long as your home. Simple, classic door styles and finishes ensure that your bath remain timeless. Whether your style is contemporary or traditional we will design your kitchen and bath to perfectly fit you.

For more information about our products, see our Facebook page!

De-Clutter your kitchen!

The key to De-Cluttering your kitchen is to have organized spaces for specific items – i.e: the Pantry.

A pantry organization system will perk up your home and your day. With an organized kitchen pantry, you can see what you have so less food goes to waste…which means fewer trips to the supermarket! To utilize the space that you do have, a designer can take measurements and build you something that is incredibly useful. If you don’t have the budget to hire professionals to come in and build you an organized kitchen, here are some tips you can do at home:

  • Install a wall of adjustable shelves for small appliances and add electricity into the pantry. Utilize your pantry and only buy food that you are going to use! If food has been in there for over a year, toss it in the trash! Then you can really use your pantry for organizing more than just food!
  • Adjustable storage shelves organize cookbooks, and boxed and canned goods, while storage cabinets close to conceal cleaners or large cookware.
  • Add hooks in your pantry to hang linens and pot holders.
  • Add drawers in your pantry to store servers and nice silverware you don’t use everyday.
  • Move all of your small appliances into the pantry so they can be used there instead of out on the counter, like a can opener, toaster, coffee pot, etc. Then all you have to do is close the door and they are not visible when not in use.
  • Convert a drawer in your kitchen to add scoop drawers for kitchen tools.
  • Install vertical dividers for trays and cookie sheets.
  • Entertain with elegance and ease with built-in glass and wine racks in the pantry. Or add wine bottle storage in a cabinet instead of one on the counter.
  • Plastic tupperware can be a nightmare! Don’t save plastic containers from food products to use as your tupperware! Recycle those!! Purchase an inexpensive stacking/labeling tupperware system that holds 20 containers in various sizes. Then after you wash them, they go back into their designated spot.

A panty is a tasteful addition to any kitchen – keeping it clean and organized is one of the best ways to feel better about your kitchen. For more information about our products or organization tips, see our Facebook page!

Offices for ALL Mamals

Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets not only does residential services, but goes beyond that and to making sure humans and animals alike feel comfortable in the Veterinarian office!

When it comes to your Vet clinic, you need to think about the furniture and cabinetry foundation.

Reception Area – First impressions count. Create a space that is beautiful, functional and infinitely flexible.  You should provide everything from seating, tables, media areas, transaction stations, file storage and work surfaces. Waiting Rooms need to be comfortable – guest chairs, benches, sofas, end tables, coffee tables and coffee carts to make your waiting room fit your needs.
Labs – With specially designed spaces to accommodate your medical specialty, a Techline designed lab will create just the right space for you to work.

Pharmacies – Designed for easy access, open shelves and pull-out drawers keep items organized, visible, and within reach.

Exam Rooms – With specially designed spaces to accommodate your Veterinary Practice a Techline designed Exam Room will create just the right space for you to treat your patients.

Patient Files – Have a filing system that will grow with you and your practice while accommodating HIPPA requirements.

Let Techline take care of this for you! For more information about our products and services, see our Facebook page!

“Office Space”

Build a business office that works as hard as you do! Customize your business office to your specific needs by utilizing cabinetry and shelves for optimal organization, and woods and laminates for atmosphere and looks. Every piece of office furniture and cabinetry comes together to create the entire atmosphere – don’t leave out one of these areas:

Lobby Area or Reception Desk – First impressions count! Make sure the feel of the reception or lobby area is welcoming and truly represents your business. Use a multitude of shelves, drawers, and cabinets to create plenty of storage space. Keep in mind that if a client stays standing at the front desk, there needs to be a surface space tall enough for them to comfortably stand. Wrap-around desks and open shelves store and support work activities. Coordinated finishes and hardware integrate with your architecture.


Conference Rooms – Whether it’s a meeting for 3 people or 30, if you integrate tech-into-furniture options to outfit your tables with several types of technology, you get a functional and stylish place to hold meetings. Utilize that wall space by creating a buffet of cabinetry for organizational storage. Coordinate all hardware so there is a unified, professional feel that will keep everyone on tact.


Private Offices – Embrace your personal style and work flow! An organized and well-designed office enables you to maintain focus. Overhead cabinets can conceal or reveal, while wire trays manage utilities. Choose a smaller, wrap around desk for a more open feel, or a heavier desk for a more traditional office.


Multi-Purpose Workspaces & Copier Rooms – Process more efficiently and manage paperwork and supplies with ease. Use cubbies to organize mail and lengthy counters to store equipment. Wall and floor cabinets provide all storage needs that help keep the area clean, organized, and functional.

Techline cabinetry is designed to last as long as you need it to. If your office moves, so does your furniture. We offer move and re-installation services so you can keep your office with you. Our space planners will build you an expert workspace! For more information, see our Facebook page!

Books, Ribbons, Sewing, OH MY! Organize your Craft Room!

Rooms in your house are not just for sleeping and television watching – you need work space for all of your special projects – sewing, wrapping, scrap booking and artists, just to name a few! Techline closet designers explore your specific needs and customize drawers, cabinets and countertops to work for you. They fit your hobby room to you and your craft!

Start with a great workspace like countertops and desks. Depending on your style and how you want the feel of the room, you can change the surface material. For a bolder look, go for a dark wood or black; for a lighter look, go for white or a lighter laminate. Think about what you will be doing on these worktables and base the heights on it. If you’re sewing, cutting, or any activity that involves bending over, consider raising the table a few inches higher.

Get organizing with some shelves that will hold your supplies, whatever they may be. These are great for supplies, nicknacks, books, etc. Open shelves will open the space and provide storage for the things you want people to see. Closed shelves provide storage for those things you DON’T want guests seeing. Store your many pens, scissors, tools, etc in them. Free-standing shelves can be moved whenever you have an urge to redecorate without having to unload all its contents. Wall shelves are perfect in small areas where you can’t compromise floor space.

Personalize your space to you. If you are spending a lot of time in here, you need to feel comfortable! Add wall accessories to hold pens, flowers, or books. Customize cabinets that hold a variety of containers or supplies. Keep your room organized by separating it from other rooms in the house as much as you can. And don’t forget, CLEAN UP! Take 10 minutes after you’re done and put things away – that’s what you have those shelves and cabinets for! You’ll thank yourself the next time you wall in.

Any space, no matter how big or small, can be turned into an organized hobby space. Visit our website to see all of the options we have to make the best hobby space for you! Follow us on Facebook for more tips!