Saving the World

Techline Furniture Cabinetry & Closets offers ORG products – all of which are made of industrial grade particleboard and 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber. Now, in your home, going green has never been easier.

 Eating fresh fruits and vegetables are not only great for your body, but for the environment since local foods require less fuel and preservatives. There are no chemicals going in your body and your waistline will thank you too!

Recycling used to be a pain, but now it’s so easy! Most places have recycling services or bins nearby. Keep a bin or create by your trashcan so separating is all done at once and a paper-only bin by desks or in offices. It’s a simple thing that benefits many.

Simplify. Use household cleaners that don’t contain harmful chemical elements. Designate one day a week to clean and you’ll find how quick it is since dirt and dust doesn’t have time to build up.

For more tips on going green, you can find all of this and more on our website!


Technology Everywhere . . . How do you organize all of it?

There are so many new devices and technologies that help to enhance our entertainment at home.  From iPods, flat panel televisions, DVD players, iPads, game consoles, and laptops, all of these devices can take up space and create clutter in the living room or entertainment area.  So where do you put it all?

At Techline furniture, our design experts can help you design the cabinetry that will optimize your space as well as all the gadgets that the tech savvy person might have.  The versatility of our entertainment centers can not only organize current devices, but also allow for changes in technology for those who need to have the latest and greatest technology.  And don’t worry, when Monday night football comes on, these cabinets are designed to showcase your entertainment center to its best advantage.

Not only can our entertainment cabinetry create an organized space at home, we can create entertainment spaces for businesses to use on location or at trade shows to present valuable information.  Our lightweight designs can ease moving and set up for mobile locations as well.

Visit our showroom at 3801 West Freeway Fort Worth, TX 76107 or website to begin building and organizing your new technology today.

ReDo’s and Don’ts of Closets

Living in the city is great — the lights, the restaurants, the clothes. All around you there are boutiques, shopping malls, markets, and, quite possibly the worst of them all, online stores. Sure, it takes a toll on your bank account, but more so, it takes a toll on your closet. One day you’re thinking how you could possibly fill the entire thing and the next you’re at Target buying more hangers.

Save some of those precious minutes you sacrifice in the morning when picking out the perfect outfit by redoing your closet so it’s tailor made specifically to you. To get you started, here are some do’s…and don’ts.

DO utilize that wall space. Closets are so much more than a metal rod stretching from one end to the other. By using a combination of hanging space, open shelves, and drawers, you create a more elegant feel (and a proper place to tuck away those intimates or ugly socks).

DON’T just throw everything you own on a hanger and then on the rod. Take the time to separate jackets from shirts, jeans from dresses. Not only will it make your mornings easier, you’ll find that you have more room for maybe one more skirt or one more pair of slacks.

DO use pull out baskets. You can fit a ton more socks in one container, fold shirts, ties, pants, etc and save on hanging room! Have a child? These are perfect for clothes or toys more in reach.

DO plan ahead. Decide how you want your personal closet to feel. Want something softer? Use rounded edges. Use your closet as storage? Use corner shelves that maximize storage without sacrificing hanging space.

DON’T freak out. Organizing your closet is as big or as small of as task as you want it to be.

For many more closet solutions, visit our showroom at 3801 West Freeway Fort Worth, TX 76107 or website