Create Your Dream Master Closet

Let’s face it, your master closet is so much more than a place to hold clothes and shoes. Master closets end up being a store-all space that holds accessories, storage, old keepsakes and new trends. So why keep it in total chaos? Save those precious morning minutes by reorganizing your Master closet!

It can be as simple as a a quick organization or as complex as an entire re-do! But no matter which you choose, plan your space to maximize the space to accommodate your wardrobe and storage needs.

  • Utilize that wall space. Closets are so much more than a metal rod stretching from one end to the other. By using a combination of hanging space, open shelves, and drawers, you create a more elegant feel (and a proper place to tuck away those intimates or ugly socks).
  • Don’t just throw everything you own on a hanger and then on the rod. Take the time to separate jackets from shirts, jeans from dresses. Not only will it make your mornings easier, you’ll find that you have more room for maybe one more skirt or one more pair of slacks.
  • Use pull out baskets. You can fit a ton more socks in one container, fold shirts, ties, pants, etc and save on hanging room! Have a child? These are perfect for clothes or toys more in reach.
  • Plan ahead. Decide how you want your personal closet to feel. Want something softer? Use rounded edges. Use your closet as storage? Use corner shelves that maximize storage without sacrificing hanging space.

Whether you are looking for something extravagant or simply functional, Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets‘ closet designers are knowledgeable and creative. For more tips about organization and Techline‘s products and services, check out our Facebook page!


Kids Cleanup for Years to Come

Children are always evolving, growing, and changing their tastes. One minute dinosaurs are all the rage, the next it’s zebras. But one thing that will always be consistent is the skills they will learn about organization that will stay with them throughout the years.

If you want your children to learn organization skills early, it helps to give them easy ways to do it. Things like multiple hanging heights with added shelves, drawers and baskets will accommodate diapers to denim!

Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets and Style At Home can show you how:

  • Use low shelving and labelled storage bins for all their toys and crafts.
  • Under-the-bed storage drawers (especially those with wheels) are great for out-of-season clothes or treasured school/art papers.
  • Don’t forget the valuable space behind doors, including the inside of the closet door. Using the backside of a door is a great way to store additional items while getting them out of sight.
  • Shelf units designed for the pantry can work in the bedroom as a home for games and books.
  • Multi-level closet rods are the only way to go in a child’s closet. You can empower your child to have more autonomy by giving him or her access to their own clothing.

From infant to teen, Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closet’s closet designers will maximize their closet space with an adjustable system that can change with them. For more information about Techline’s products and services, LIKE our Facebook page!

Organize Your Laundry Room!

One very important room in your home you may not think too much about offhand is your laundry room! It could be the smallest room in your house, but it holds A LOT of importance! So why neglect it when organizing and planning your projects?

Laundry rooms hold a variety of objects such as hats, gloves, not-in-season accessories, pet supplies, cleaning supplies, etc. The first step to organizing all of these is to clear the space and then group all like items together. You can step back and take a look at the items you use more than others. Those things that you never use anymore…throw them out! Items you most should be in the easy-to-reach places while items you still use, but not as much can be put on the higher shelves.

Use storage baskets and pull-out hampers for sorting, cabinets and adjustable storage shelves for organizing, storage racks and rods for hanging clothes, and fold out ironing boards for convenience.

Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets designers create organized systems to accommodate any space, any size washer and dryer, and any size family with style. A Techline laundry storage system can handle loads!

For more information about Techline’s products and services, see our Facebook page!