De-Stress this Holiday Season

Techline Furniture, Cabinetry, & Closets will be the first to say it: the holidays are stressful.

With the cleaning, cooking, entertaining…it can take a toll on you and your home. But it shouldn’t! If you keep your home organized, not only will it make things simpler when your guests arrive, but for YOUR well being!

Benefits of Organization:

  • More YOU time. This one’s simple. If you’re house is organized and uncluttered, you’ll spend less time cleaning, tidying and putting things back in their place. You’ll get to spend more time on the things you want to do.
  • More money. In an organized home, you won’t lose things. Those missing socks won’t need to be replaced. You’ll know exactly how much toilet paper is left, and when it’s time to buy some more. You’ll be able to see what your home has, what your home needs, and what needs replacing. You’ll be able to take an easy stock of your home, and plan your purchases accordingly.
  • Improved family relationships. All too often, clutter, misplaced items, and disorganization bring up quarrels between spouses, as well as parents and their children. Getting organized will eliminated this problem-causer.
  • Easy access. When your home is organized, everything will have a specific place. Each item will be easy to find, access and use quickly. It’s a time-saver!
  • Entertaining. If your home is disorganized and you’d like to throw a party, dinner or other get together, you’ll need days of notice, so you can spend hours and hours of cleaning, organizing and readying your house. Wouldn’t you like to be able to have friends over spur of the moment, with no planning ahead needed? Organization allows you this luxury. Your home is ready to be shown off!
  • Setting a great example for your children. Raising your children in an organized home will give them great skills to carry on through their lives. They’ll take the organizational examples you set and carry them on into their schoolwork, career and future families.
  • Better mental health. Simply put, you’ll be less stressed, and you’ll be happier. Without a messy home on the mind, you’re free to focus on the things that really matter!

Don’t let disorganization hurt you – Organization can lead to some great things in your life!

Need help getting started on your home organization? Look through our online showroom at to learn more about our organizational furniture, cabinet, closets and more! For tips, check out our Facebook page!


Bathrooms Galore!

Like any room in your house, your bathroom should be spectacular and comfortable. It is a room you spend a lot of time in, so why not make it just as amazing as the rest of your home?!

Whether you’re starting a bathroom from scratch or just giving your existing one a makeover, remember these simple tips:

  • Clean out. Products, expired medicine/vitamins, used razors and beauty items you haven’t used in 6 months, throw it out! See what you have, don’t have, and what you use the most so you can start fresh.
  • Organize. Small bathrooms are huge and some small, but they ALL could use some extra storage space for those random items you can’t live without. Organize items by importance – the things you use most, keep on the counter or close by; things you rarely use can go in drawers and closets. The less important the item, the further away from the counter it should be.
  • Make use of that dead space. That space can be filled with floating shelves, cabinets, wall mounts, etc. Don’t want to buy jewelry stands? Use your towel rack to display it all!
  • Be yourself! Add those quirky things that make you you. You’ll be spending the most time in there, so make it a place you WANT to be!

Techline cabinets make any bath extraordinary! Our cabinetry is commercial-grade, precision made and designed to last as long as your home. Simple, classic door styles and finishes ensure that your bath remain timeless. Whether your style is contemporary or traditional we will design your kitchen and bath to perfectly fit you.

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